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The revolution in spot weld inspection

Spot welding is one of the resistance welding processes and is a common technique for firmly joining two or three metal parts, usually sheets or plates of steel or aluminium.…

Robot-controlled spot weld inspection saves millions in shell construction

6 x faster and more reproducible than a manual inspection PHAsis supports robot-controlled spot weld inspection Resistance spot welding is the most important joining process in the production of car bodies.…

Weld seam inspection using PAUT

VOGT Ultrasonics and Meyer Werft replaced the radiographic butt inspection of all support structures in the are of the ship’s hull, for sheets made of normal and high-strength steel. Extensive…

Awarded innovation champion

Let go of the old and try something new. VOGT Ultrasonics convinced the jury in the 27th round of the TOP 100 innovation competition. The team of VOGT Ultrasonics is…

In the service of safety since 1983!

This year we are celebrating a company anniversary – 35 years have passed since we first took our test device and swung the probe on behalf of safety. But our…
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Test spot welds quickly, safely and intuitively with our new PHAsisNEO ultrasonic inspection device.

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