Four ways to a modern ultrasonic inspection system

Anyone who wants to insert an individual inspection system has very different ways to reach this aim: self-construction, purchase of an OEM solution, new acquisition or modernization of an existing system. No matter which option is preferred – VOGT Ultrasonics has the proper components.

All four possibilities have two things in common: the ultrasound-know-how and the PROlineUSB ultrasonic inspection device. The hardware, which is a process stable and high-power PROlineUSB ultrasonic inspection device, is a possibility for everyone who wants to construct his own inspection system. Someone who wants to have hardware and software from one source is able to use the PROline OEM collective solution: VOGT Ultrasonics has compiled two ultrasonic-kits from the extensive PROline soft-and hardware packages. These kits are in particular for customer specific applications which are able to be fast, simple and cost-efficient integrated into new or already existing systems. The ultrasonic inspection kits are a well-tried, user-friendly and flexible ultrasound solution for trader/ inspection companies and their end customers. The approved modules secure a cost-efficient and safe component inspection. VOGT Ultrasonics offers completly custom-built system solutions for a new acquisition of an inspection system based on the PROlineUSBultrasonic inspection device.

PROline is also an innovative component for the last option, the modernization of an ultrasonic inspection system, up to the latest version of scanning technique – the extension of the operator spectrum. VOGT adapts the existing system fast and flexible to your requirements.