PROlinePLUS inspection software

The inspection and evaluation software of our PROline inspection solutions is clearly designed and ensures inspection reliability.

Focussed on usability

PROlinePLUS is an operator-friendly inspection software for imaging display and evaluation of ultrasonic inspection data of the PROline inspection device family.

Its feature is:

  • the reduction of complexity with a focus on a clear presentation of the inspection results
  • It is also possible, if needed or wanted, to generate an automated evaluation of the results. This means a short period of vocational adjustment for a reliable handling with the inspection technique.
  • The PROlinePLUS software pushes the PROlineUSB inspection device to an efficient, PC-supported inspection system with a Windows interface for the mechanized and automated ultrasonic inspection in production areas as well as a stand-alone solution for laboratory applications.
  • The software structure is modular. This allows the adaption to fulfil the requirements of the user: From simple good / bad evaluation with I/O’s up to complex imaging ultrasonic inspection as a part of a fully automated production line in terms of industry 4.0.

Fig.: Software-/module overview of PROlinePLUS