PROline Ultrasonic inspection device

PC based 1-8 channel ultrasonic inspection device (cascadable up to 32 channels) as OEM package for system integrators and for modernization of old ultrasonic inspection systems with your software by using the Software Development Kit (SDK) or alternatively with our inspection and evaluation software packages.

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ultrasonic hardware

PROlineUSB ultrasonic inspection device as core of your ultrasonic inspection system

PROline USB is a powerful ultrasonic inspection device. It is ideal for the inspection of welds for cracks and volume defects, soldered and coated joints for adhesion quality, wall thicknesses as well as shafts, rods, tubes and sheets as well as plastics (e.g. CFRP components) for volume and surface defects.

Outstanding features

  • Optimal signal quality due to possible positioning in the close proximity of the probe thanks to compact design (189x59x195mm, 2.5kg)

  • Ultrasonic modes pulse-echo, transmitter-receiver and through-transmission

  • Industry 4.0 capable (communication with higher-level customer system e.g. via ProfiNET or PLC interface

  • Easily scalable through cascaded synchronous operation of multiple ultrasonic units, allowing the component to be inspected simultaneously with a large number of probes, thus minimizing cycle time (up to 32 channels)

  • Gain range 0-80 dB (true gain)

  • High pulse repetition frequency per channel up to 10 KHz, total all channels 20 KHz

  • High resolution depth compensation, 20dB per 30ns steps

  • 4  software and 4 hardware panels, overlapping usable

OEM solution

Ultrasonic inspection device for system integrators

PROlineUSB is our ultrasonic solution for OEM customers. System integrators use the ultrasonic inspection device for the economical and simple realization of a process-safe inline or offline inspection system.

The lowest level of our involvement in your inspection system is the use of the ultrasonic device with the help of the SDK (Software Development Kit for C++) to integrate and control the device in your software structure for the inspection system. This gives you free control of all ultrasonic channels with their apertures and parameters as well as the 2 rotary encoder interfaces and the existing I0’s. Thus, a simple location-based data acquisition is easily achieved by synchronization to the pulse repetition frequency of the ultrasonic device.

Because we have realized various ultrasonic software for various applications for decades, our range of standard software with extensive functions is comprehensive. With our plug and play modules you can quickly solve your application.

Choose between a simple IO module for sorting components in OK/NOK, a single line scan module up to area scan modules with online and offline evaluations.

We will be happy to advise you on this individually.

With PROline you choose a proven, reliable, user-friendly and flexible ultrasonic solution for you or your customer.

VOGT Ultrasonics Your reliable partner

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ultrasonic packages

OEM all-in-one solution - ultrasound hardware and software from a single source

In addition to the supply of our plain ultrasonic inspection device for your own software development, we also offer OEM all-in-one solutions:
Out of our extensive software and hardware packages, we have developed four ultrasonic kits especially for your field of application, which can be integrated quickly, easily and cost-effectively into new and already existing systems.


with the simple functions start/stop of the inspection as well as sorting into OK/ NOK components.


with the two-dimensional inspection of several components in an immersion technique tank, whereby the areas to be inspected or also not to be evaluated (e.g. a hole in each component in the scan) are simply defined in an overall scan by "templates".


with reference to the inspection of an "area (two-axis scan)", e.g. rotational scan of a bearing ring with height feed or a plate lying in the dip tank. The module includes the functions start/stop of the inspection as well as the sorting in OK/ NOK components as well as the online display, inspection report documentation and storage as well as subsequent evaluation of line scans.


with reference to the inspection of a "line" (single axis scan), e.g. rotation scan of a gear. The module includes the functions start/stop of the inspection as well as the sorting in OK/ NOK components as well as the online display, inspection report documentation and storage as well as subsequent evaluation of line scans.

These proven modules have already been successfully implemented many times and ensure cost-optimized and reliable component testing.

We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting on the right choice of software modules as well as on the desired support by our specialist team for know-how transfer or also supporting services during the project, the installation or also training.

Intuitiv und modular

PROlinePLUS inspection and evaluation software

The modular PROline inspection and evaluation software for imaging display and evaluation of ultrasonic inspection data focuses on user-friendliness. Its special feature is the reduction of complexity with the focus on a clear display of the test results and, if desired, an automatic evaluation of these. The safe operation of the inspection technology thus requires only a minimum of training time.

With the PROlinePLUS software modules, the PROlineUSB becomes an efficient, PC-based inspection system with Windows interface for mechanized and automated ultrasonic inspection in production as well as a stand-alone solution for applications in the laboratory.

The software has a modular design and can thus be ideally adapted to the user’s needs: From simple OK/NOK evaluation via I/Os up to complex imaging ultrasonic testing as part of a fully automated production line in the sense of Industry 4.0. The automatic evaluation and ISO-conform result documentation saves time and creates inspection reliability. Available software modules include:

    • Line scan (PROline_Line)
    • Area scan (PROline_Area)
    • Grid scan (PROline_Grid)
    • Inspection plan definition (e.g. definition of scan resolution, definition of inspection data evaluation, definition of ultrasonic files for inspection plans, simple to complex inspection sequences, activation of switching outputs for sorting and marking of components depending on the inspection result)
    • Inspection and inspection data display (e.g. A-scan, line scan, area scan, grid scan, amplitude and time-of-flight evaluation, wall thickness measurement)
    • Controlscript for communication with external periphery in the form of sequence controls
    • I/0 incl. logic (e.g. threshold crossing, optical display of good/bad evaluations on the screen)
    • Test data evaluation online / offline
    • Intelligent A-scan for storage of all A-scans depending on events, e.g. threshold crossings
    • PROlineSDK developer package for C++
for your OEM project

PROlineTOP ultrasonic operating and evaluation unit as plug & play module for your OEM project

PROlineTOP is an all-in-one inspection device for manual, mechanized and automated use in laboratory and production. As a plug & play solution, it combines the PROlineUSB ultrasonic inspection device and all control and operating units in the smallest possible space and replaces the typical control cabinet. Housed in a standard case, the complete ultrasonic control and operating unit as well as electrical switching and control elements can be mounted on a carrier arm system close to the testing mechanics.

PROlineTOP works with the proven PROlinePLUS inspection and evaluation software and is suitable both as an OEM solution and for modernizing existing systems in order to adapt them economically to new or changed inspection requirements. Industry 4.0 capable, PROlineTOP can communicate e.g. via ProfiNET or other PLC interfaces with higher-level customer systems. It supports the ultrasonic modes pulse-echo, transmitter-receiver and through-transmission. The automatic inspection result evaluation with iso-conform documentation saves time and ensures inspection reliability. This means that for a mechanized solution, operators without expert knowledge can also be used.

In the laboratory, it is used as a fully functional plug & play ultrasound unit. The large 22 inch touch display simplifies operation and shows all information in a comfortable size.

The 8-channel ultrasonic inspection device has numerous inputs and outputs for fast communication. These include signal outputs for result processing for sorting or even system status, a start and a stop signal input for testing as well as max. 4 encoder connections for exact position information, which are assigned to the ultrasonic data in the highest resolution of the pulse repetition frequency.

the latest update

Modernization of old ultrasonic testing systems

You already own an ultrasonic inspection system, but would like to update it to the latest state of the art or expand the range of applications. With our ultrasonic inspection device and extensive software, we quickly and flexibly adapt your existing inspection system to your new demands.

You decide the depth of the modernization. Existing probes, cabling and system peripherals can still be used in a cost-optimized manner. It is also possible to replace all electrical and electronic components including the ultrasonic device and software and to keep using only the mechanical parts.

We advise you on the best solution that is practical, cost-optimized and driven by inspection reliability.

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