Inline inspection of cardan shafts

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Fully automated ultrasonic testing of cardan shafts in immersion technology

The material testing of mechanically highly stressed components in the automotive and automobile industry always includes the risk factor of process instability by the user in semi-automatic and manual testing processes. In the global production process, errors that can already be expected purely statistically can become a sales-decisive economic factor due to the necessary recall actions. VOGT Ultrasonics provides the process-safe solution for a 100% automated inline inspection of mechanically highly stressed components.


fig. 1: Automated PROline inspection system: Loading of components by a robot. Inspection in immersion technology. The colour marking shows the inspection result (green dot)

In this application, cardan shafts are subject to a fully automated non-destructive ultrasonic inspection. The VOGT system family PROlineCUSTOM with customer-specific mechanics is used as well as the PROlineUSB Ultrasonic inspection device for conventional ultrasonic applications and the testing and evaluation software PROlinePLUS developed by VOGT.

The integration of the inspection system into the production line replaces the previous manual inspection. The assembly is carried out by a robot provided by the customer. A light sensor monitors the correct position of the component. The inspection process is started automatically and the component is lowered into the water basin with a pneumatic lifting platform. Conventional ultrasound is used to check for defects in the component in a spot scan. In the inspection time optimized application, the PROlinePLUS software delivers inspection data and the inspection result directly to the customer’s ERP system for component-specific logging and documentation of the inspection results.

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