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Halving the inspection time of tubes

In many industrial applications pipes and piping systems are subject to extreme strains like excessive pressure, high temperatures and the media conditions. In case of failure or leakage, personal injuries and damages to property may occur. To ensure public and environment protection it’s necessary that the systems are checked regarding their fault-free condition.

With PROlineUSB and PROlinePLUS VOGT Ultrasonics provides a flexible ultrasonic inspection system for non-destructive inspection of pipes. In 2013 the customer TÜV NORD Material Testing, at their facility in Duisburg, put the new automatic ultrasonic inspection system with this technology into operation.The system is able to inspect ferritic, austenitic, seamless and welded pipes on several quality defects in one pass.

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Halving the inspection time pf pipes and rods with PROline

For this application two probe clusters, each with five conventional ultrasonic probes, are being used. Each cluster is controlled by a multi-channel-USB-ultrasonic device type PROlineUSB. Due to the star-shaped arrangement of the probes of each cluster doublings, longitudinal- and transverse defects as well as the wall thickness of the pipes can be simultaneously inspected in accordance with common standards DIN EN ISO 10893-8, 10893-10 und 10893-12. The arrangement of two identical designed clusters in one row behind each other allows an inspection speed up to 600 mm/s in two tracks and consequently a significant reduction of the total inspection time.

With the PROlinePLUS inspection software VOGT Ultrasonics has developed a suitable software in a flexible overall package. Different types of pipes can be stored in the system as finished inspection plans. The communication of the ultrasonic inspection system with the plant control system is performed via Profibus-Interface and allows additional inspection measures, e.g. a second inspection of a sensitive area for the validation of potential material defects.

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