PROline ultrasonic inspection systems

We offer various proven standard ultrasonic inspection systems. Due to the compact system design and the modular system concept of our PROline inspection systems, there is the ideal inspection system for every application and every space ratio. Thus, it can also be adapted to growing requirements and application spectrums.
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Proven & flexible

Our standard ultrasonic inspection systems for your quality assurance

PROlineCOMPACT systems are designed according to the modular principle and are ideally adapted to your testing task. For this purpose, you can choose from a large number of matched standard modules. The hardware (e.g. the number of ultrasonic channels) is just as flexible as the inspection software (e.g. various evaluation options). They can work manually, mechanized or automated in immersion or bubbler technique. Their modularity also allows subsequent adaptation to increasing requirements or other testing tasks.
PROlineMOBIL is a compact standard inspection system for mobile, mechanized ultrasonic inspection of weld seams on rotationally symmetrical components using immersion technology, e.g. laser weld seams on gears. The inspection system is loaded, unloaded and started manually. Inspection, evaluation and optional test report generation are automated. With the aid of supplied adapters, different gears are quickly and easily placed in the inspection tank and inspected in just a few seconds.

PROlineSCAN is a compact ultrasonic inspection system with up to 6 axes of motion. This includes 5 manipulator axes as well as a rotary table or rod fixture. It has been specially designed for laboratory use (e.g. for the development of optimized welding parameters) as well as for series monitoring during production. Depending on the inspection task, PROlineSCAN is available with immersion technique or, for water-sensitive components, also with bubbler technique. The automatic evaluation, test report generation and result archiving saves time and creates inspection reliability.

PROlineBAR is a standard ultrasonic inspection system for volume inspection of rod material, e.g. piston pins, in immersion technique. It is mainly used for purity measurement according to SEP 1927. The inspection is performed as a spiral scan with 3 probes, whereby the complete component volume is covered in one pass. The automated evaluation and the automatic, seamless documentation by PROline saves time and creates inspection reliability. Depending on the components to be inspected, it is available in different sizes.

Outstanding features of PROline

  • Proven inspection concepts

  • Alternative solutions for contact, puddle, bubbler and immersion technology

  • Easy and intuitive inspection software, minimized training requirements

  • Extremely robust design, low maintenance hardware

  • Very easy to customize sequence control and interface

  • Any component inspection via saved, optimized inspection plans

PROline ultrasonic inspection systems are developed and manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards. They guarantee excellent inspection quality through the use of state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology and process-safe operation. Up to eight channels per ultrasonic inspection device and up to four independent software and hardware apertures per channel can be flexibly programmed.

The PROlinePLUS inspection and evaluation software is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness. Its special feature is the reduction of complexity with the focus on a clear result presentation. Due to its clear and user-friendly design, the customer can create inspection plans himself with only little training effort, e.g. in order to optimize production processes.

By saving different inspection plans, different component types can be tested flexibly one after the other. In addition to the A-scan, the screen of the ultrasonic inspection system also displays line and multi-line scans (B-, C- and D-scans) true to location and in color gradations. Automatic evaluation, test report generation and results archiving save time and create test reliability.

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