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PROline individual ultrasonic inspection systems in modular design
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modular design

PROlineCOMPACT modular

The PROline COMPACT product series includes matching modules for creating an individual ultrasonic testing system for the inspection of rotationally symmetrical and flat components. By standardizing the individual modules, the customer-specific system design is minimized and the price-performance ratio is optimized.

Each PROline testing system consists of the proven PROline USB ultrasonic unit, the PROline PLUS testing and evaluation software and a testing mechanics. Depending on customer requirements, the ultrasonic testing system is adapted to the testing task on the basis of these 3 components with a variety of PROline COMPACT standard modules. Simplified, you can imagine this process as a kind of modular system with many, different but perfectly matched modules. The hardware (e.g. number of ultrasonic channels, encoder interfaces) is as flexible as the inspection software (e.g. various evaluation and data processing options).

The inspection can be performed using immersion technology or bubbler technology (from the outside / below / inside). A special feature is the module “local immersion technology”. For this application, water supply as well as water extraction via small tubes and a rod probe on a swivel arm are positioned within the slot of the component. The slot is then filled with water for the duration of the test, which is then automatically sucked out again. For example, in the case of differentials that can’t be tested using immersion technology, the laser welding seams that are difficult to access can be tested.

Among others, the following COMPACT modules are available:

  • Test station with various immersion basins and water collecting pans versions
  • PROlineTOP ultrasonic control and operating unit with touch screen and integrated PROlineUSB ultrasonic testing unit
  • Mounting arm for the PROlineTOP
  • 4 axis precision adjustment for alignment of the probes
  • Water treatment incl. pump, fine filter and UV disinfection
  • Driving unit (rotational axis)
  • Local immersion technology
  • Different bubblers
  • Networking with host systems / robot systems in the sense of industry 4.0
  • Automated evaluation proposal, test report generation and result archiving / Fully automated evaluation
  • Interfaces to quality assurance systems like MQSWIN, PLA and PRISMA possible
  • and much more…

In addition to configuring a complete system, you can also purchase PROline CUSTOM modules individually to build your own system.

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PROline COMPACT ultrasonic testing systems

In general, non-destructive testing with ultrasonic technology requires individual testing solutions depending on the component and testing task. Influences of the surface geometry, the defect position and the test areas rarely allow a standardized solution. In order to reduce the effort required for the construction of such ultrasonic inspection systems, a modular system design makes sense.

Our modular concept with our PROline CUSTOM ultrasonic inspection systems minimizes the customer-specific system design and optimizes the price-performance ratio. Our process-reliable inspection systems and modules can be adapted to different inspection tasks and increasing requirements. In general, each PROline inspection solution consists of the Proline USB ultrasonic inspection device, the inspection and evaluation software and the inspection mechanics.

The individual modular solution consists of a large number of standard modules that are perfectly matched to each other. The hardware (e.g. number of ultrasonic channels, encoder interfaces) is as flexible as the inspection software (e.g. various evaluation and data processing options).

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Cross-industry application

Ultrasonic testing can be mechanized or (fully) automated. Depending on the application, PROline inspection systems work with immersion technology, squirter technology and, for the inspection of water-sensitive test parts, with bubbler technology without immersion.

The range of applications is wide: Proline monitors, e.g. the quality of axial or radial welds on differentials or gearwheels, welds on cardan shafts or tubes and rods for flaws. The inspection systems can be integrated into the production chain in the meaning of Industry 4.0 and fully automatically networked with robots and host systems.

Test systems – same basis, but still individual

At the end of last year, VOGT Ultrasonics delivered more than 15 modular systems to a customer in the automotive industry. The inspection systems are used for the production-accompanying and fast inspection of weld seams on rotationally symmetric components. These are table-top inspection systems with one or two inspection tanks, water conditioning, component drying and swivelling operating unit.

PROline CUSTOM test solution for use in the production line with 2 test stations incl. drying unit (left). PROlineTOP ultrasonic unit, mounted on the swivel arm, replaces the typical switch cabinet.

The inspection system offers three inspection positions, each with a three-axis inspection probe manipulator. The inspection is done from the outside with bubbler technology, from the inside in the smallest space and with local immersion technology within circumferential notches. For the last-mentioned application, a rod-type probe, a water supply through a small tube and a water suction through a small tube are positioned inside the nut of the component via a swivel arm. The nut is filled with water for the duration of the test, which is then automatically extracted again.

The automatic evaluation, test report generation and result archiving saves time and creates test reliability. In the basic configuration, the inspection workplaces are designed for random sample inspection for manual assembly. In a further expansion stage, production-accompanying use with automated assembly by robots is possible.

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