Sound field measurement

The characterization of a probe is done by sound field measurement in immersion technology.
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The characterization of probes is performed by the sound field measurement in immersion technique. Quality characteristics of probes are the constancy of the sound beam and the compliance of the focus point as well as the nominal frequency.

  • The constancy of the sound beam is detected by a scan of a ruby ball, which has a smaller diameter than the sound field. The sound field diameter is thus determined e.g. at -2, -6 or -18dB.
  • To identify the focus point, the amplitude profile in longitudinal direction is determined.
  • The nominal frequency (also center frequency) is determined by measuring the HF signal of a pulse.

Optionally, the width of sound beams can be identified by using flat bottom holes at different depths with different water flow paths.

We will gladly test your probes or advise you to choose the right probe for your application.

Fig. Imaging display of the sound field of a probe for immersion technique (amplitude height), measurement using a 2.5 mm spherical reflector.
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