In the service of safety since 1983!

This year we are celebrating a company anniversary – 35 years have passed since we first took our test device and swung the probe on behalf of safety. But our ultrasonic know-how goes back many, many years…

Ultrasound know-how with history

Göran Vogt, managing director, has the ultrasound in his genes. His father, Herbert Vogt, was already intensively involved in ultrasonic testing in 1950. At the time of his birth, Herbert Vogt was already working as a sales engineer at Krautkrämer (now GE Measurement & Control) and later took over the management of the northern office. Göran Vogt grew up in his parental home with a great affinity for technology.

In 1983, when Göran Vogt founded his company, he devoted himself to non-destructive material testing with passion and a vision. What began as a competent service provider and independent testing laboratory was quickly extended by the development, manufacture and sale of innovative testing equipment and systems in Germany and abroad.

Three core competencies develop: PROline, PHAsis and NDT services

In 2009, VOGT Ultrasonics launched the PROlineUSB ultrasonic unit, its first own line of ultrasonic inspection systems: PROline inspection solutions. Today, ultrasonic inspection systems from Burgwedel are in use all over the world, practically everywhere where the automotive industry manufactures. With an increasing number of customers, the PROline product range has been extended and further developed from small laboratory testing systems to large, networked inline industry 4.0 ready testing systems.

In 2016, VOGT Ultrasonics launched another innovation on the market, the product line PHAsis spot weld inspection systems, specially developed for the high demands of the automotive industry.

The area of non-destructive testing services also continued to grow every year. With the establishment of our test centre in Burgwedel (near Hanover) and the constant expansion of our machinery, we are able to provide single and serial testing in 24/7 cycles. As an independent testing laboratory qualified in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001 EN 9100 and special customer certifications, we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from other European countries.

Fig.: Management of VOGT Ultrasonics Dennis Müller, Göran Vogt und Katrin Vogt.

The foundation of our success – our team

Two years ago the management of VOGT was extended by another member. Mrs. Katrin and Mr. Göran Vogt are delighted to have found in Mr. Dennis Müller a commercial managing director and partner who will handle future tasks with enthusiasm and team spirit.

VOGT Ultrasonics considers itself well prepared for the future. Göran Vogt is certain: “In recent years, a great 60-member team has grown together with a responsible management level that thinks beyond short-term success and supports the management. Committed, competent employees as well as innovative testing systems and reliable testing services will continue to ensure positive development and continuous growth in the future”.

We thank our customers for the exciting orders, interesting conversations and the great and trustful cooperation. And in particular we thank our team-VOGT for the great engagement, many excellent ideas and the spirit for innovations.

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Test spot welds quickly, safely and intuitively with our new PHAsisNEO ultrasonic inspection device.

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